Let’s make AXRIA (Part 4) | Developing ideas

Developing Ideas

I thought I’d share some of my ideas for Axria that I’ve been developing for some time now. Some of these originated from a design document I created for college, but when rewriting some sections i was suddenly coming up with more ideas! It feels amazing when it happens!

Weapons & abilities

Sarah’s the main weapons include the Naro Blaster and Boomercutter. When I was brainstorming ideas back in June 2014, I came up with the Idea of a Cero Sether (freeze beam) that would turn enemies into platforms, it was scrapped as I wanted a weapon that was more differential from the Naro Blaster. So I thought of the Eclipser bombs, which bounce depending on Sarah’s velocity and direction she throws from.

Sarahs new moves banner 3

Another idea I came up with last year was to have colours indicate how many hit points Sarah has- Sarah has the three main Primary colours on her clothes & hair (Red, Yellow, Blue)- so that would indicate three hits. What I thought of this year was to have the hit points run on leaves- so when you get hit you loose a leaf. You can potentially recover them, but if the areas windy it’ll be gone with the wind!

Since Sarah’s colours are primary, the secondary leaves (Green, orange, purple) don’t act as health rather they act as a shield that circulate around Sarah; these types of leaves are rarer though, so use them when you can! And speaking of finding them, I thought where could you find these leaves? I thought where else; trees! I thought if Sarah were to knock leaves off the trees they would then become collectable- encouraging exploration to find the healthiest tree!
Though this also helped in another aspect; given that the levels become more industrial as the game goes along, it becomes harder to find the trees, therefore harder to regain health! That idea was a happy accident!


-Angus Beer