AXRIA Dev Diaries: Control considerations


One thing I realized over the years of being a Games programmer is that there are many things we take for granted while playing games. One of those things in PC games is giving gamers the opportunity to customize controls, be it changing the keys input or controller input.

I myself grew up with keyboard controls for platformers so I’ve adapted to it; however I’ve become more and more aware that some people who grew up on console would prefer the controller option.

I feel that it’s lucky to look into this now, as I’m at the early point of development where most of Sarah’s player mechanics are functioning, yet there’s still room for change (I expect to be experimenting with Madaura abilities soon).

Even though Arrow keys and ZXC are my preferred way of playing platformers, I want to give players the option to customize keys, should they prefer the WASD control scheme, should they prefer Space to jump, should they prefer using Shift and Ctrl, and so on!

Sarah_Controller _sketch

As I’m using lesser known software (Game Editor) it is a bit intimidating as it’s something I’ll have to properly research into. These are the commands that I believe relate to this action:


From the sound of these I can get an idea of what these functions could be like, one recognizes controller inputs while the other ones for keyboard inputs. I remember trying the Key State one before with some referencing to other peoples code, I remember tidbits but I wasn’t experienced enough for it at the time.

Another thing to keep in mind controller wise is what kind of controllers people will be using.  I myself either use a PlayStation Controller with a USB adapter, or an Xbox 360 controller. The 360 controller is a common option for PC players as they’re both Microsoft based machines. When I get one controller to work and feel good to use, I’ll try different controllers and see how each feel.

Keep in mind that with both of these control considerations that I can’t promise it to happen anytime soon, but I sure hope to have them in the final game. It’s something that I believe will make the experience much more fluent for fans, and just overall more fun to play!

-Angus Beer



  1. Problems With Infinity · November 16, 2015

    This illustrations are so freaking cute, I love them!! You’re awesome!!

    Liked by 1 person

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