AXRIA Dev Diaries: Super Metroid

So to follow up on the development of 8-directional shooting, I looked for a game that excelled in that function and tried adapting it with the mechanics of Axria; that game of inspiration being Super Metroid (1994, Nintendo).

I considered to look at either Super Metroid or Super Probotector: Alien Rebels (UK release of Contra 3), however I’ve played Super Metroid than I have Super Probotector, and overall I feel Super Metroid ties closer to the kind of game I want to make (alongside Megaman and Sonic 3 & Knuckles).

My other intentions not covered in this video include using 8-directional fire with all weapons, from what I’ve tried so far it is certainly possible as it’s just a matter of telling the game what number weapon you’re holding, and how differently it acts upon release.

Another point I want to go into further depth in is about the control, more precisely having giving the players the option to have their own input. But I feel that deserves to be its own entry in itself. Tune back soon, and I’ll have covered the great struggle that is control!

-Angus Beer

angus making axria

Me narrating the use of the Axria star


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